ACH transaction delays

An ACH transaction may take up to 14 business days to settle. During this time, the transaction’s status is subject to change multiple times. For example, your merchant processor may show your transaction as Settled after five days and then change to Failed after eight days. To account for this, WellnessLiving displays the status as Waiting for settlement for the first 14 business days.

After 14 business days, WellnessLiving checks the status of the transaction. Possible scenarios include:

  • If the merchant processor shows a Failed or Successful status for the transaction, the transaction will be marked as Failed or Successful in WellnessLiving.
  • If the merchant processor shows a Pending Settlement status for the transaction, WellnessLiving continues to check the status of the transaction daily and displays a Waiting for settlement

If 30 days have passed after the transaction is made and the status still displays Pending Settlement, the transaction will be marked as Failed in WellnessLiving.

For more information about contacting your ACH provider, see Merchant Processing Contact Information. If you need any assistance contacting your ACH provider or checking your transaction status, please contact

NoteACH transactions can settle earlier or later within the 14-day period. During this time, WellnessLiving will display the status as Waiting for settlement, regardless of the change in ACH current transaction status.

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