Achieve Client App: Managing rewards points

Using the Achieve Client App, clients can view their total rewards points, view the leaderboard, earn rewards points, and redeem prizes.

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To view your points:

  1. Tab the REWARDS tab. The client’s total points are displayed.

To view the leaderboard:

  1. Tab the REWARDS tab.
  2. On the Rewards page, tab All-Time Leaderboard.

To earn more points:

  1. Tab the REWARDS tab.
  2. On the Rewards page, tab Earn Points.
  3. On the Earn Points page, use the menu to filter for different rewards options.
  4. Select a prize type. Depending on the prize type, you will either complete a challenge or request for points.
    • For challenge prize types, you will earn rewards points once you complete the actions required by the prize type.
    • For request prize types, you will earn the rewards points once a staff member approves your request.

To redeem a prize:

  1. Tab the REWARDS tab.
  2. On the Rewards page, tap Redeem Prizes.
  3. Tap Redeem for the prize you want to claim.
  4. In the confirmation popup, tap OK. Rewards points equal to the cost of the prize are deducted from the client’s profile. If you have redeemed a free or discounted service, that discount will be applied during the booking process.
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