Achieve Client App: Attending a virtual service

With FitLIVE, Zoom integration, or another non-integrated virtual service provider, clients can attend virtual services directly through the Achieve Client App. Clients can also attend virtual services using the Client Web App or the virtual meeting link provided in their service notifications. For information about attending in-person services, see Achieve Client App: Checking in to services.

Note The attendance status of a client who joins a virtual service is determined by your  attendance tracking settings in your business policies.

To attend a virtual service through the Achieve Client App:

  1. Tap the My Schedule tab.
    • If you are attending a virtual class, you can instead tap Classes on the Book Now tab.
  2. Tap the Join button next to the booked service you want to attend.
    • If you do not have your first name, last name, and email address associated with your client profile, you will be directed to a Zoom sign up page. At this point, submit the required information.
  3. If the service has not yet started, the time at which the virtual service is expected to begin will be displayed. If the service has started, Zoom will launch, and your virtual service will begin.
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