Achieve Client App: Making a purchase

Using the Achieve Client App, your clients can make purchases for themselves or for family members. Purchases can be products, packages, Purchase Options, or gift cards. Making a purchase involves browsing available products, adding a discount, and selecting a payment method.

When making a purchase using the Achieve Client App, keep the following information in mind:

  • If the message Please contact the studio to make a purchase is displayed when clients try to add items to their cart, the business does not have merchant processing set up. Clients will have to make their purchases directly from the business.
  • Clients can’t select ACH as a payment method during online checkout. Only staff members can process a client’s transaction using the default ACH payment method. A custom ACH payment method must be set up to allow clients to use their ACH account.
  • Only one gift card can be used at checkout. If you want to make a purchase from the store using multiple gift cards, you must first redeem each gift card to your account balance. You can then use your account balance as a payment method when completing the purchase.

Clients can also make purchases using the Client Web App.

Purchase Options that include the following keywords in their names or descriptions won’t be visible in your store on the Achieve Client App for iOS:

  • Virtual
  • Video
  • On Demand

For more information, see Apple Regulations and the Achieve Client App.

To make a purchase using the Achieve Client App:

  1. Tap the Store tab.
  2. Search for and select the item(s) you want to purchase, and then tap Add.
    • If you want to view items in a specific category, tap All Items at the top of the screen, select one or more item categories, and tap Apply.
    • You can tap an item’s name to view the Item Details screen, where you can select a quantity to add to the cart, select options for the item (like size or color), or enter other details about the item to be purchased.
      • Tap Add to cart to add the item to your cart and stay on the Item Details screen.
      • Tap Buy now to add the item to your cart and open the cart.
    • If you’re purchasing an event, you have the option to enter the number of event instances you want to purchase in the Quantity field. 
  3. Tap the Shopping Cart button Shopping cart icon for the Achieve Client App to review the items you have added to your cart.
    • To remove an item from your cart, tap the Action button An image of the more button which is three gray dots stacked vertically. beside the item and tap Remove.
  4. When you’re ready to make your purchase, tap Checkout.
    • If any items in your cart require you to sign a contract, sign your name in the signature box, select the I agree to use electronic signatures checkbox, and tap Submit.
    • If the business you connected to uses Barclays as their merchant processor and you don’t have a credit card associated with your account, tap Add Credit Card to add a new credit card or tap I added my card in the Client Web App to finish adding a card from the Client Web App. For more information, see Achieve Client App: Viewing and editing billing information.
  5. On the Payment screen, under Discount code, add a discount code if you have one, then tap Apply.
  6. Under Payment method, select a payment method and enter all required payment information.
  7. Tap Complete payment. Your purchase is complete. On the confirmation screen, the amount paid is listed. From here, you can share your purchase on Facebook or Twitter or return to the store.
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