Achieve Client App: Watching FitVID on Demand videos

Clients can watch FitVID on Demand videos directly from their mobile devices using the Achieve Client App. Clients can filter videos based on the calories, difficulty level, staff member, duration, and tags associated with the video in the video settings. Clients can also sort videos by alphabetical order, upload date, and view count.

To view FitVID on Demand videos:

  1. Tap the VIDEOS tab.
  2. On the FitVID on Demand screen, tap the video you want to watch. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the video.
    • Whenever you stop watching a video, the progress bar will indicate where you stopped watching the video.
    • Videos that have been fully or mostly watched (95-100% completion) will be marked with a Viewed badge and will play from the beginning when selected.
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