Achieve Client App: White Label Fees

White Label features improve your branding and reputation, and gives you more control over your custom Achieve Client App. The fees you will be required to pay when you upgrade to or sign up for the White Label plan are listed in the chart below.

For information on how to begin the process of enrolling in the Apple Developer Program see Enrolling into the Apple Developer Program as an Organization.

Monthly White Label Fee$169 USDA monthly fee charged by WellnessLiving for the White Label plan.
Annual maintenance Fee$150 USDAn annual fee charged by WellnessLiving for maintenance. This fee covers designing and building the custom Android and iOS app, performing updates and fixes, and re-designing and re-building the custom apps when design changes require a resubmission to Google Play or the App Store.
Apple’s annual membership fee$99 USDAn annual membership fee charged by Apple to allow their developer members to maintain access to building and distributing apps for iOS.

For more information on tax, invoice, and payment options, visit Apple’s Developer Support page.

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