Adding a tip to a paid Appointment

After a client has paid for an Appointment, a tip can be added to the Appointment from the schedule. 

To add a tip to a paid Appointment:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Schedule.
  3. Click the Appointment to which the client wants to add a tip. You may have to adjust the schedule’s filters and date range to find the Appointment. 
  4. Click STORE. 
  5. Under Products and Services, enable the Tips category.
  6. Click Add Tip. This will add a customizable tip to the shopping cart. 
  7. On the customizable tip, select the staff member you want to tip from the list of staff members 
  8. In the Amount box, enter the tip amount. 
  9. Click Proceed to Checkout. 
  10. Select eachpayment method that the client wants to use (e.g., Virtual Terminal, Card Swiper, Cash). In most cases, the total payment is split between the selected payment methods equally, but you can adjust the amounts as required. If you select Gift Cards, you must enter the required code, and the amount on the gift card will be entered automatically. 
  11. Click Complete. 
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