Adding a widget button to your website

You can add a button that links to a widget into your website. Your clients will be able to click the button and be directed to the WellnessLiving widget from your website. Buttons can be created for the Lead Capture Widget, the Review Widget, the Appointment Widget, the Store Widget, and the Staff Widget. Buttons cannot be created for the Custom Schedule Widget, the Standard Schedule Widget, and the Event Widget.

For information about displaying a widget on a page of your website, see Embedding a widget into your website.

NoteTo embed a widget or button link, you must copy and paste HTML code into your website. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, ask your website administrator for assistance, or feel free to contact WellnessLiving support.

NoteAlthough buttons are not available for the Custom Schedule Widget or the Standard Schedule Widget, you can provide a link to your Client Web App from your website and allow your clients to access your schedule via this link. To provide the link, simply paste <a href=“Insert your Client Web App URL here”>View our schedule!</a> in your website code. For more information about your Client Web App URL, see Business URLs.

To add a widget button to your website:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
  3. On the Setup menu, click Website Widgets.
  4. On the Website Widgets menu, click the type of widget that you would like to link to using a button on your website. Buttons can link to the following widget types: Lead Capture, Review, Appointment, Store, or Staff.
    • If you select Lead Capture, select the custom widget that should be used for the linked widget, then click the Embed Code
  5. Replace the words Your title goes here in the Link Code box with the button label that will appear on your website.
  6. To add a link to the widget, copy the code in the Link Code box and paste it into your website where you want the button to appear.
  7. Ensure that the button that links to your widget is functioning properly.
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