Adding an online registration link to a service in WellnessLiving

If you want to provide your clients with an online session of a Class or Event, we recommend using Zoom, a widely used browser-based video conferencing app. Within WellnessLiving, you can include the registration link for an online session in the special instructions of that Class or Event. Alternatively, you can create a unique Purchase Option for your online session and associate it to a purchase campaign which will allow you to send a registration link to your online session.

After you add the registration link to the special instructions for a Class or Event, you can create and embed a Custom Schedule Widget on your business’s website. Clients will be able to follow the registration link through your Custom Schedule Widget and register for the online session. You can also add the special instruction email variable to the Class Booking Confirmation client notification to automatically include the special instruction in the email.

To send the registration link for an online session to a specific group of clients, see Contacting a group of clients.

Note If you are using Zoom and you choose to promote your session through a Custom Schedule Widget, it is recommended that you create a password for the session so that only registered clients can join.

Note For your clients to receive Custom Email Template or Purchase Campaign notifications, they will need to set the Subscribe to news and updates of “[Your Business]” option to ON in their notification settings.

To add a link to your online Class or Event in the special instructions:

  1. Copy the registration link created by your video conferencing app (e.g. Zoom, GoToMeeting).
  2. Complete steps 1-4 in Creating or modifying a Class Type or Creating or modifying an Event.
  3. Under DESCRIPTION, enter a description for your Class or Event.
  4. Under Add Special Instructions, we suggest entering the following details:
    • Click this link to download Zoom/ join the session
    • Please ensure you are subscribed to [Your Business Name] news and updates so that you can get the instructions and password to join Class or Event.
  5. With your cursor, highlight the word this link and click the Insert/edit link button .
  6. In the Url box, right click the box and click Paste.
  7. In the Target box, select New window from the list.
  8. Click Ok.
  9. Click SAVE.
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