Applying a discount to a membership

When applying a discount to a membership, you can reduce the price of the initial payment by a fixed amount, or reduce the price of the initial payment, as well as all subsequent auto-payments, by a percentage or manually entered amount.

Review the table below to learn how each discount type will affect the price of the membership.

Note If an individual membership is customized after it’s been purchased, any discount codes that were applied to the membership will no longer be valid.

For example, a 15% discount is applied to a membership, and a client purchases this membership. If a staff member later changes a setting (e.g., the attendance restrictions) in that client’s membership, the 15% discount will be removed.

NoteDiscounts of any type applied to a package will only apply to the initial payment. Any memberships contained within the package will not receive discounts on future auto-payments.

Discount TypeEffect on Membership
Percentage DiscountReduces the price of the initial payment and subsequent auto-payments by the percentage amount.
Fixed monetary DiscountReduces the price of the initial payment by the fixed monetary amount, without impacting subsequent auto-payments.
Manually adjusting the price of the membershipAdjusts the price for the initial payment and all subsequent auto-payments.
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