Applying a payment plan at checkout

Staff members can create and apply a payment plan to any item directly from the online store checkout screen. You cannot apply a payment plan to an automated billing.

NoteA payment plan can only be applied if one of the following payment methods is used: virtual terminal, ACH, or credit card swiper.

To create and apply a payment plan at checkout:

  1. Complete steps 1 to 8 in Making a sale.
  2. Under Select a Payment Method, click the payment method to which a payment plan should be applied. You can apply payment plans when using the following payment methods:
    • Vitrual terminal
    • ACH
    • Credit card swiper
  3. Enter your credit card details and set the Apply payment plan option to ON.
  4. Configure the payment plan:
    1. Under Payment plan, select the number of payments the client will make. The amount will be calculated automatically and displayed beside the list.
    2. Under Repeat every, indicate the frequency of the payments by selecting the number of days, weeks, months, or years upon which the next payment payment will be required.
    3. Under Start, click the box and select the date on the calendar to choose the date of the first scheduled payment.
  5. Click Complete.
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