Appointments are generally considered to be one-on-one services and can be booked by clients or staff members. Typically, a client or a small group of clients (up to 15) request the Appointment and book it themselves. Some examples of Appointments are:

  • A trainer at a gym administering a fitness evaluation
  • A personal training session
  • A massage
  • A martial arts instructor offering one-on-one training for a small group of clients

Before a client can book an Appointment, a staff member must create an Appointment Type in WellnessLiving. After an Appointment Type is created, you must ensure the staff members offering these Appointments have their working hours set, and are assigned to that Appointment Type. You must also ensure a staff member is assigned to the correct location where the Appointment will take place.

For more information about Appointments and how they differ from other service types, see Services.

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