Approving or denying a transfer request

Using the Membership Transfers Report, you can approve or deny a client’s transfer request into or out of any franchise location to which you have access. If you deny a transfer request, you must provide a reason (e.g., the client owes their current location for past services).

See Transferring a client between franchise locations for more information.

To approve or deny a transfer request:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Reports.
  3. On the Reports menu, click Clients.
  4. On the Clients menu, click Membership Transfers. The Membership Transfers Report is displayed.
  5. In the Membership Transfers Report, click Pending Transfers and find the client whose transfer you want to approve or deny.
  6. In the ACTION column, click the More button  and select either Approve Transfer Request or Deny Transfer Request.
  7. In the confirmation popup, enter a reason for the approval or denial and click CONFIRM.
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