Attendance analysis tool

Removed because this tool no longer exists on the dashboard.

The attendance analysis tool provides a snapshot of your attendance statistics and can be accessed from your dashboard. For more information about the dashboard and its tools, see The dashboard. This tool is used to give an overview of your recent or past client attendance based on their first visits or online bookings. Additional attendance details can also be found under the Attendance section of the Reports tab.

By default, the tool will show the most recent attendance statistics. This information can be displayed on various types of graphs. The main graph can be shown as a bar graph, an area graph, a line graph, or as a list. The list option will direct you to a new window, which will display either the First Visits report or the Online Booking report depending on which is selected.

Like reports, the attendance analysis can be exported, printed, saved, or set as a favorite. Also like reports, this tool has an advanced filter menu, which can be used to filter attendance analysis by location, time, day of the week, staff, classes, events, and appointments. You can also filter by dates, and date ranges to view statistics for those selected dates. The quick stats drop-down menu can be used to select more specific date requirements.

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