Attendance Web App settings

The following table describes each setting that you can customize for the Attendance Web App. To learn how to access these settings, see Configuring your Attendance Web App policies.

LogoDetermines the appearance of your company logo on the Attendance Web App. Click the image placeholder or the currently selected image to upload a new image. When uploading a new image, keep the following in mind:

  • Use a PNG image with a transparent background for best results.
  • The minimum resolution is 220 × 100 pixels.
  • The maximum resolution is 1024 × 465 pixels.
  • The maximum file size is 20 MB.

The following logo options are available:

Display Business Name – If you set this option to ON, a text box is displayed. The text you type in the box will be displayed under the logo at the top of the Attendance Web App.

Logo Background ColorDetermines the background color of your logo when the uploaded image has a transparent background.
Check-In Confirmation ScreenDetermines whether a confirmation screen is displayed after clients are checked in and how long it is displayed before returning to the main page.
PoliciesDetermines your client check-in rules for the Attendance Web App.

The following policies are available:

  • After [x] seconds of inactivity, display[Most Recently Viewed Classes/Upcoming Classes] – Determines how long the user can remain inactive during check-in before the Attendance Web App will return to the Most Recently Viewed Classes page or the Upcoming Classes page.
  • Allow client to check-in to sessions in progress – If you set this option to ON, this app can be used to check clients in to sessions up to 15 minutes late.
  • Allow client to check-in unpaid – If you set this option to ON, clients who have not yet paid for the session can be checked in.
  • Allow client check-in without booking prior – If you set this option to ON, clients who have not booked the session can be checked in.
  • Allow clients to check in to sessions up to [x] [minutes/hours] before the start time – Determines how early this app can be used to check clients in to a session. All sessions for the day will be displayed in the app, but clients will only be able to check in to a session if the amount of time until the start of the session is less than the amount of time set here. The value set here cannot exceed 1440 minutes or 24 hours.
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