Attendance Web App settings

The following table describes each setting that you can customize for the Attendance Web App. To learn how to access these settings, see Customizing your web applications.

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    Business logo imageDetermines the appearance of your company logo on the Attendance Web App. We recommend that you use a PNG image with a transparent background. The minimum and maximum resolution for this image is 220×100 pixels and 1024×1024 pixels respectively, and the maximum file size allowed is 20 MB.
    Display the business name


    Determines whether you want to display the name of the business in the app. When this option is set to ON, you must enter the name of the business under Business Name.


    Calendar colorDetermines the background color of your calendar.


    Display confirmation screen for [number] secondsDetermines whether a confirmation screen is displayed when clients check themselves in using the Attendance Web App, along with the amount of time the screen is displayed.
    Allow clients to check in up to [number] minutes after the session has startedDetermines whether clients can check in to clients after the session has already started, along with the maximum number of minutes a client can check in after a session has begun.
    Allow client to check in unpaidDetermines whether clients can check in to sessions even if they haven’t paid for the session yet.
    Allow clients to check in without booking priorDetermines whether clients can check in to sessions without booking the sessions beforehand.
    Allow clients to check in to sessions up to [number] [minutes/hours] before a session beginsDetermines whether clients are allowed to check in to a session before the session start time, and how long before the start of the session they are allowed to check in.

    NoteAll service sessions for the day will be displayed in the app, but clients will only be able to check in to a session if the amount of time set until the start of the session is less than the amount of time set here. The value set here can’t exceed 1,440 minutes or 24 hours.
    Automatically sign out after [number] seconds of inactivityDetermines how long a client can remain inactive on the app before they’re automatically signed out.
    Automatically display [the most recently viewed class/upcoming classes]Determines what clients see in the app after they sign in. You can display the most recently viewed class or upcoming classes.


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