Attendance Web App

The Attendance Web App is used to track client attendance for Classes or Events. Staff members can view current, past, or upcoming Classes and Events, and check clients in to services occurring that day. The Attendance Web App can be used on a computer or tablet. This app allows staff members to take attendance directly from their class or practice room. Alternatively, clients can use the Attendance Web App to check themselves in via a dedicated device placed in an accessible location at your business. To learn how to open the Attendance Web App, see Opening a web app. To allow clients to quickly check themselves in, see Client Self Check-In Web App.

If you are using the same device to provide clients with self check-in options and perform staff member duties, you must remain logged in to WellnessLiving with the Client Self Check-In Web App opened in a separate, private browsing window. To learn how to open private browsing mode (Incognito) on your web browser, check your browser’s support website below:

NoteClients will not be able to check themselves in until you Allow client self check-in in your Client Self Check-In Web App settings.

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