Booking a service through Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google allows your clients to book appointments, classes, and events with your business directly through Google. To allow your clients to book through Google, you must first enable Reserve with Google for your business or location.

To book a service through Google:

  1. Open Google in a browser window.
  2. Enter the name of the business at which you want to book a service in the Google search bar.
    • If the business has multiple locations, enter the location along with the name of the business in the Google search bar. For example, instead of searching for My Favorite Yoga Studio, search for My Favorite Yoga Studio Main Street, Hometown.
  3. Click Schedule.
  4. Under Daily schedule, click the day on which you want to book a service.
  5. Next to the service you want to book, click Book.
  6. Provide your contact information:
    • Click Sign in to sign in with your Google account.
    • Under Contact Info, enter your contact information.
  7. Book or request the booking:
    • If the booking can be made without staff approval, click Book.
    • If the booking requires staff approval before completing, click Request.
  8. Click Done.
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