Check-in methods

WellnessLiving offers numerous methods with which clients can check themselves in to a service. Clients can check in online using the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App. Clients can also check in at your physical location using the Client Self Check-In Web App, the Attendance Web App, or QUICK Check-In.

To set up a physical check-in terminal at your location, all you need is a computer, Chromebook, or a tablet. We recommend using a separate device dedicated to client check-in as this allows you to monitor the staff backend while your clients check themselves in without interruption.

NoteIf you want to use a tablet as a check-in terminal at your business, you will need a powered USB hub. Additionally, iPads require a lightning port adapter.

NoteClients will not be able to check themselves in until you Allow client self check-in in your Client Self Check-In Web App settings.

  • Achieve Client App – The Achieve Client App allows your clients to interact with your business by accessing their schedules, making purchases, booking services, and more. Clients can check in to services from their schedule in the app. If you use a barcode scanner to manually check in clients, clients can use the Achieve Client App to display their barcode on their mobile devices.
  • Client Self Check-In Web App – The Client Self Check-In Web App allows clients to check themselves in to services, marking them as checked-in on attendance lists and reports. Your Client Self Check-In Web App can be set up by a staff member on either a computer or a tablet and can be attached to a barcode scanner. These devices are normally positioned at the entrance of your business.
  • Attendance Web App – The Attendance Web App tracks client attendance for Classes and Events. Staff members can view current, past, or upcoming Classes and Events, and check clients in for services occurring that day. Clients can also use the Attendance Web App to check themselves in via a computer or tablet at your location.
  • QUICK Check-inQUICK Auto Check-In allows you to check a client into a booked service directly from the search bar at the top of every WellnessLiving page. If a client has multiple services booked for the day, the staff member will be required to check the client into the selected service manually from the client’s profile. Staff members can enable or disable QUICK Auto Check-In from the search bar at the top of every WellnessLiving page.
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