Checking in a travel member

One of the features available to corporate enterprises on WellnessLiving is travel mode. If travel mode is enabled, clients of a corporate enterprise can attend services at enterprise locations outside of their home location. When this occurs, the client is considered a travel member visiting a travel location.

  • Travel member – A client who is visiting an enterprise location that’s different from their home location.
  • Travel location – An enterprise location visited by a client that isn’t their home location.

When travel members visit travel locations, they can check in using the Self Check-In Web App or by scanning their key tags. Staff members at travel locations won’t be able to search for travel members by name using the Top Nav Bar, as this search only returns results for clients belonging to that location.

If a travel member has checked in using the Self Check-In Web App, their client profile can be accessed through the service’s attendance list. If a travel member has checked in using their key tag, their client profile will automatically appear in the system. A travel member will have a travel member icon A screenshot of the travel member icon in the client profile displayed when staff members at travel locations view their client profile.

When managing travel members, keep the following information in mind:

  • Travel locations can’t sell Purchase Options to travel members using their client profiles, so if a travel member needs a Purchase Option to attend a service at a travel location, they must buy it from their home location. Other products at the travel location can still be sold to travel members.
  • If a travel member’s old home location is permanently closed, staff members can set a new home location for the client by following the same steps as if they were adding a new client who is registered with another business. If the client already has a travel member profile at the new home location, it will be automatically merged with the new client profile.

NoteTo enable travel mode and configure settings for travel members, contact WellnessLiving Support.

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