Checking in with the Attendance Web App

Staff members can use the Attendance Web App to track client attendance for classes and events. The Attendance Web App can also be set up on a dedicated tablet or computer, so clients can check themselves into classes and events. You must open the web app on the dedicated device to allow clients to check themselves in.

If you are using the same device to provide clients with self check-in options and perform staff member duties, you must remain signed in to WellnessLiving with the Attendance Web App opened in a separate, private browsing window.

To learn how to open a private browsing mode (Incognito) on your web browser, check your browser’s support website below:

When checking in with the Attendance Web App, keep the following information in mind:

  • Clients won’t be able to check themselves in unless you have enabled the appropriate check-in policies. For more information, see Customizing your web applications
  • After a client checks in, the page will return to the check-in screen after the time specified in your Attendance Web App settings, allowing the next client to sign in.
  • If you are providing clients with self check-in options at your business location, we strongly recommend using a separate device dedicated to client check-in. This allows you to monitor the staff backend while your clients check themselves in without interruption.

To check in with the Attendance Web App:

  1. Click the left or right arrow to go to the date when the class or event is scheduled.
  2. Under the class or event you want to check in to, click Attendance List.
  3. Click Check In next to your name to check in to the service.
    • If you haven’t yet booked this service, click Add Me at the bottom of the page. Enter your name in the search box and click Check In next to your name.
    • If a client has accidentally checked themselves in to a class, click Undo beside the name of the client to remove the client from the service and attendance list. If you want to check the client into the service at a later time, you’ll need to book the client into the service again
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