Checking in with the Self Check-In Web App

Clients can use the Self Check-In Web App to check themselves in to services, marking them as checked-in on attendance lists and reports.

If you allow clients to check in using their client ID and have a barcode scanner connected to the device clients are using to check in, clients can check in using the barcode displayed on their Achieve Client App. For more information, see Achieve Client App: Displaying a client’s barcode.

Note If your business offers Gym Visits and a client has booked a service at your business, both check-in options will appear. The client must check in to the service they are attending.

To check in with the Self Check-In Web App:

  1. Depending on the settings the business has enabled under Self Check-In Web App settings, clients can begin their self check in using one of the following methods:
    • Scan your key tag or barcode on the Achieve Client App using the barcode scanner. This option is only available if the client ID has been selected as an applicable check-in option for this business.
    • Enter your email, or phone number in the Client ID, email or phone number field. If the business does not have all these selected as applicable check-in options, the fields may appear as follows:
      • Enter your client ID in the Client ID field.
      • Enter your email in the Email field.
      • Enter your email and password in the Email and Password fields.
      • Enter your phone number in the Phone number field.
  1. Click Check in.
    • If multiple family members are associated with the credentials entered, select the client profile you want to check in to a service.
  2. Find the service you want to check in to, then click Check in next to that service.
    • If your check-in is successful, a message or a confirmation page will appear, depending on the business’s settings. If the confirmation page appears, it will display relevant information about the service, your account, and the Purchase Option used to attend the service, if applicable.
    • If your check-in is unsuccessful, a message or a confirmation page will appear, depending on the business’s settings. The reason your check-in was unsuccessful is displayed. Clients can’t check in to a service if they don’t have the applicable Purchase Option for the service, they have any unpaid fees, self-check in isn’t allowed for the service, or the service requires staff approval and isn’t yet approved.
  3. Click Check in to another service to check into a new service, or I’m done to return to the main check-in screen.
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