Checking in with the Self Check-In Web App

Clients can use the Self Check-In Web App to check themselves into Classes and Events, marking them as checked-in on attendance lists and reports. Clients can sign in to the Client Self Check-In Web App by entering their WellnessLiving username and password, entering their Client ID, or by scanning their ID tag with a barcode reader. You must open the web app on the dedicated device to allow clients to check themselves in.

NoteClients will not be able to check themselves in unless you have enabled the appropriate check-in policies. For more information, see Configuring your Self-Check In Web App policies.
NoteAfter you check in, the page will return to the check-in screen after the time specified in your Self Check-In Web App policies allowing the next client to sign in.
NoteClients can check in using the barcode displayed on their Achieve Client App. For more information, see Achieve Client App: Displaying a client’s barcode.

To check in with the Self Check-In Web App:

  1. As a client, you can self check-in using one of the following methods:
    • Scan your key tag using the barcode scanner attached to the web app.
    • Enter your Client ID number into the web app. Client ID numbers can be found on the Client Profile: Overview page.
    • Enter your WellnessLiving username and password into the web app. Client account information can be found on the Client Profile: Profile Details page.
  2. Select your location. This option is only available if the business has multiple locations.
  3. Click Check In next to the service you want to check in to.
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