Checklist for setting up your business in WellnessLiving (regular version)

Thank you for choosing WellnessLiving! Before you can successfully use all the available features and functions, you will need to review and configure various elements of the software. The following checklist will help you complete all the setup tasks required to make the most of your new business management software. The good news is, after you have completed all the items in the list, your system will be ready for both staff and clients to use.

Note Use this checklist if your business is setting up WellnessLiving for the first time and you do not require any data migration to launch. Your assigned Onboarding Specialist will go over this checklist in more detail during your scheduled kick-off call, which your Account Representative will arrange after your merchant processing integration (if applicable) has been completed.

If you are coming from Mindbody, please see the Checklist for setting up your business in WellnessLiving (MindBody version).


Note We strongly encourage you to complete the tasks in this checklist prior to your training call to ensure a productive session. If you have questions regarding any of the tasks, please be sure to ask about it on your call.
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