ClassPass is a monthly membership program that allows its clients to try out new fitness studios each month. When you sign up with ClassPass, clients can discover and try your studio using their ClassPass membership.

In order to integrate your ClassPass account with your WellnessLiving account and share data between your accounts, you need to contact your ClassPass representative. You need to provide your ClassPass representative with your WellnessLiving business ID and location ID for each of your business locations. See Finding your business ID and Finding your location ID for more information.

To complete the integration process, you also need to enable ClassPass integration in your WellnessLiving account. See Enabling and disabling ClassPass integration for more information.

After your ClassPass account is integrated with your WellnessLiving account, you can to use the ClassPass Partner Dashboard to adjust how many spots are allocated for ClassPass users for each class. Bookings made through ClassPass are automatically synced with the class attendance list in WellnessLiving.

Additionally, you can use the information that ClassPass provides you with to enter an approximate revenue for ClassPass clients when you are modifying a class schedule. Upon entering these estimates, your reports will update to reflect these changes.

If you are signing up with ClassPass for the first time, expect an onboarding period of 7-10 days while you learn how the integration works and familiarize yourself with the Partner Dashboard.

Visit the ClassPass website to find more information about ClassPass and to contact a representative.

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