Client groups

To access Client Groups, head to the App Drawer > Setup > Clients > Client Groups.

Understanding client groups

Ever wondered how to tailor your communication and services to different groups of clients? That’s where Client Groups come in! These groups help you segment your clients based on different criteria such as demographic information or purchase and attendance history. The best part is that you can set them up to add or remove clients automatically.

What can you do with client groups?

Key tips

  • Manual Client Groups
    • If you set criteria for the client group you cannot add or remove clients manually.
  • Add or Remove Clients
    • If you don’t enable auto-update, the group remains static and you can manually update it from Client Groups page.
  • Multiple Client Groups
    • Clients can belong to multiple groups at one time.
  • Auto-Updates:
    • Automatic updates occur every 24 hours except for a few instances.
    • Groups with the following criteria set update every 30 minutes or less:
      • Account balance
      • Active Purchase Option
      • Purchases
    • WellnessLiving checks if clients still meet the criteria you set automatically!
    • Clients who no longer fit the criteria get removed, and new eligible ones are added automatically.
  • Power Search
    • Client groups can’t be made from a Power Search.

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