Client groups

Client groups are custom groups you can create to organize your clients. Client groups are similar to client types as both items allow you to organize your clients in the system. Client types, however, are assigned automatically based on which passes and memberships were purchased, while client groups are created manually.

You can create a client group and then add clients to it, or select a group of clients first and then create the group. After a client group has been created, you can add clients to the group, or remove clients from the group.

NoteBefore you can start using client groups, you must add clients to the WellnessLiving system.

Using client groups

After a client group has been created, you can use the client group to filter lists and reports, send out notifications, and much more. You can use client groups to:

  • Send notifications regarding a Class, a pass, membership expiry, or membership renewal to a specific group.
  • Send marketing campaigns or announcements to clients who might be interested based on past activity. You can also create a group for those who did not respond to the campaign so you can contact them again at a later date.
  • Filter reports and the All Clients list to view and change details about clients in one or more groups, or contact them as a group.
  • Create custom views for a report by filtering a report based on client groups and saving the report. You can use these views to easily monitor and contact your clients.
  • Increase client retention by adding new clients to a group and creating an automated marketing campaign directed at those clients.
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