Client types

When your clients purchase a session pass or a membership, the system automatically assigns a client type to their profile. Client types are a useful tool that allow you to organize and manage your clients. You can use client types to filter reports and the client list, offer a product, service, or discount, and send notifications, marketing campaigns, or announcements to a specific group of clients. By default, WellnessLiving has the following client types:

  • Active Pass Holder –Clients who have purchased time-based or session-based passes.
  • Inactive Pass Holder – Clients whose time-based or session-based passes have expired.
  • Active Member – Clients who have purchased memberships.
  • Inactive Member – Clients whose memberships have expired.
  • Prospect – Clients who have not purchased any passes or memberships.

Each client type has an assigned icon. These icons appear next to any client listing and in client profiles for quick visual identification.

NoteWhen you add a new client to the system, the client type in the client’s profile is set to Prospect until the client purchases a pass or membership.
NoteDo not confuse client types with client groups. Client types indicate the status of a client based on the current state of their latest pass or membership. Client groups are manually assigned and can be created for any situation (e.g., a group for a specific Class, a group for first time visitors, a group for email marketing).

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