Client Web App: Booking an appointment

Your clients can book appointments using the Client Web App. Before your clients can book appointments, make sure you’ve completed the following steps:

When booking appointments through the Client Web App, keep the following information in mind:

  • When booking appointments, some booking details may not be available for clients to select. For example, if an appointment is only offered by one staff member at the business, you can configure the appointment to automatically assign that staff member when the appointment is booked. In this case, your clients would not be prompted to select a staff member during the booking process.
  • If an appointment’s capacity setting allows for multiple attendees, a client won’t be able to book recurring sessions of that appointment if there are already attendees in the available time slot.
  • If you’ve selected the Allow appointments to be booked back to back setting for an appointment, clients will be able to automatically book appointments back to back. If they select multiple appointments with this setting, they can select the time for the first appointment, and the other appointments will automatically be booked to take place immediately after it.  For more information, see Appointment type general information settings.
  • The order in which appointments appear on the Book now tab of the Client Web App depends on how they’re sorted on the Appointments page. For more information, see Managing appointment categories.
  • Appointments with booking restrictions and Purchase Options with purchase restrictions have special behavior during the booking process:
    • When the client is not signed in, they’ll see any restrictions on the appointment or Purchase Option displayed with a Restriction icon .
    • When the client is signed in, if they are restricted from booking certain appointments or purchasing certain Purchase Options, those appointments and Purchase Options are not displayed.
    • If the client selects Purchase Options or appointments with restrictions and then signs in on a profile that is prohibited from booking the appointment or buying the Purchase Option, the prohibited Purchase Options and appointments are removed from their carts.

To book an appointment in the Client Web App:

  1. On the top menu, click Book now.
  2. Click the tab that contains the class that you’re booking. By default, this tab is named Appointments. For more information, see Client Web App: Book now tabs.
    • If the business’s booking policies require it, sign in to WellnessLiving to continue.
    • If there are no appointments available at your home location, select a new location by clicking the Edit icon next to the address in the cart.
  3. Under Select Services, select an appointment category to scroll directly to appointments under that category.
  4. Select the checkbox next to the appointment you want to book.
  5. If the appointment has any add-ons available, they’ll be displayed under the appointment information. Select each add-on you want to purchase in addition to the appointment booking:
    • To select an add-on, click Add.
    • To deselect an add-on, click Added. The add-on is removed.
  6. If you want to book additional appointments, select the checkboxes beside each appointment and select any desired add-ons for each of them.
    • You can book up to four appointments at a time.
    • If you select an appointment that permits you to book multiple sessions at the same time, another copy of the appointment is displayed below it in the list of services. Select the checkbox next to the copy of the appointment to book an additional session of the same appointment type.
    • If you select multiple appointments that can be booked in back-to-back timeslots, the appointments will be booked back-to-back by default. To book the appointments for different dates or times, set the Book separate appointments instead option to ON.
  7. Depending on the appointment settings, click Select Staff for [Appointment Name], Select date & time, or Next.
    • Select Staff for [Appointment Name] – Specify the staff member, then the date and time for the appointment. Complete steps 8 and 9 in order.
    • Select date & time – Specify the date and time for the appointment, then the staff member. Complete steps 8 and 9 in reverse order.
    • Next – Choose the order in which you specify the date and time, and staff member for the appointment. Complete steps 8 and 9 in your desired order.
  8. Specify the staff member you want to manage the appointment. You may be able to select the desired gender of the staff member.
  9. Specify the date and time for the appointment. Open days with available times appear in blue, while open days with no available times appear in black and can’t be selected. Closed days appear grayed out and can’t be selected.
    1. If the business has the appropriate business policies enabled, select your time zone from the list.
    2. Select your desired date for the appointment from the calendar.
      • If you’re booking multiple appointments, the appointments will automatically be booked back-to-back following the first one. To choose different times for your appointments, set the Select date and time for each service independently option to ON.
    3. To book a recurring appointment, click Does not repeat under the date selector and select how frequently you want the appointment to recur.
      • If you select Custom, configure the recurring booking options:
        1. Under Repeats Every, select the number of days, weeks, months, or years upon which the appointment will repeat.
        2. If you selected weeks or months, under Repeats On, select the day of the week or the day of the month on which the appointment repeats.
        3. Under Ends, select whether the booking never ends, ends on a specified date, or ends after a specified number of occurrences.
        4. Click Save.
      • If you’re booking multiple appointments back-to-back, you cannot book recurring appointments.
    4. Select your desired time for the appointment from the list.
      • If the appointment is already booked with the selected staff member but has reached capacity, the time will be labeled WAIT LIST, and after booking, you will be placed on a wait list for the appointment.
  10. If you’re required to book assets with the appointment, select an asset from the layout or list and click Next. Do this for each required asset category.
  11. If there are required questions for the appointment, enter responses in the text fields and click Next.
  12. If online payment is available for the appointment, select an applicable Purchase Option to pay for the appointment.
    • If you already own a Purchase Option that you can use to pay for the appointment and you’re not signed in on the Client Web App:
      1. Under USE YOUR EXISTING PURCHASE OPTION, select I already have a purchase option.
      2. Click Next.
      3. Sign in to your WellnessLiving account.
      4. Select a Purchase Option under USE YOUR EXISTING PURCHASE OPTION to use it to pay for the appointment.
    • If you don’t own a Purchase Option that you can use to pay for the appointment, select a Purchase Option under BUY A PURCHASE OPTION to add it to the cart.
    • If you want to book an appointment with your rewards points or a prize, see Client Web App: Redeeming points and prizes.
  13. If you’re booking multiple appointments, click Select Staff for the next appointment and repeat steps 8-13 to set all the appointment details and select Purchase Options for each of them.
    • If your appointments are back-to-back, the times for the additional appointments will be selected automatically.
    • If the Purchase Option for the first service can be applied to subsequent services, that Purchase Option will be automatically selected.
  14. Once you have selected Purchase Options for your appointments on the Select Purchase Options screen, if all appointments allow you to choose between paying online or in-person, click Book & Pay Later or Book & Pay Now. Otherwise, click Next.
  15. If you’re not already signed in on the Client Web App, you must either sign in to your existing WellnessLiving account or sign up for a new account.
    • If you’re signing up for a new account:
      1. Complete all the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) and click Sign Up.
      2. If the business requires new clients to sign a waiver, review the terms and conditions, select the I agree to use Electronic Signatures checkbox, then click Sign Waiver.
      3. Enter your electronic signature, then click Submit Signature.
    • If you already have a WellnessLiving account:
      1. Click Log in at the bottom of the page.
      2. Sign in to your WellnessLiving account.
  16. On the Review screen, ensure that all appointment details and selected Purchase Options are correct.
    • To change a Purchase Option, select the Edit icon to return to the Select Purchase Option screen.
  17. Complete the booking process.
    • If you already own the selected Purchase Options, if online payment is not available for the appointments, or you selected Book & Pay Later, click Complete Booking.
    • If you are buying a new Purchase Option:
      1. Click Checkout.
      2. If the Purchase Option has a required contract:
        1. Review the contract, select the I agree to use Electronic Signatures checkbox, then click Sign Contract.
        2. Enter your electronic signature, then click Submit Signature.
      3. Select each payment method you want to use on the Checkout screen. In most cases, the total payment is split between the selected payment methods equally, but you can adjust the amounts as required.
        • If you have a code for a gift card, enter the code under GIFT CARD, then click Apply. You can only apply a maximum of one gift card or one discount code.
        • If you have a code for a discount, enter the code under DISCOUNT CODE, then click Apply. You can only apply a maximum of one gift card or one discount code.
      4. Click Complete Booking.
  18. Once the appointment has been booked, you can click the buttons on the Thanks for Booking page to perform additional actions:
    • Click Book Another Appointment to book another appointment.
    • You can print or email the receipt at this time. For more information, see Printing receipts and Emailing receipts.
    • You can share your appointment booking or your add-on purchase by clicking Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter.
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