Client Web App: Booking an event

Your clients can book a scheduled event through the Client Web App or have a staff member book the event for them.

To allow your clients to book an event, be sure to do the following:

To book an event using the Client Web App:

  1. On the top menu, click Book now.
  2. Click the tab that contains the event that you’re booking. By default, this tab is named Events. For more information, see Client Web App: Book now tabs.
  3. Find the event you want to book. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the event.
  4. If payment plans are available for the event, select the payment plan you want to apply from the INSTALLMENT PLANS.
  5. Click Enroll now.
  6. If you can choose which sessions to attend, a list of event sessions is displayed. Under CHOOSE THE SESSIONS YOU WANT TO ATTEND, select each session you want to attend. If you want to attend all sessions, click Add All Sessions.
    • To remove a selected session, click the Remove button next to the session you want to remove. To remove all selected sessions, click Remove All Sessions.
  7. Under You are going to attend, review the details of your booking.
  8. If online payment is unavailable, or if you own an applicable Purchase Option, the Complete button is displayed. Click Complete to complete your booking. Otherwise, click Next.
  9. Complete your event booking:
    1. If available, select I would like to purchase online or I would like to pay when I visit.
      • If you selected I would like to purchase online, or if purchasing online is required, select at least one Purchase Option from the list of displayed Purchase Options and click Next.
      • If you selected I would like to pay when I visit, Click Complete to complete the booking.
    2. If required, read and sign the contract, select I agree to use Electronic Signatures, and click Next.
    3. Review the cart and make any necessary changes:
      • To prevent a membership from renewing and billing you when it expires, set the Auto-Renew option to OFF.
      • To remove an item from the cart, click the next to the price of the item. In the confirmation popup, click OK.
    4. To apply a discount code, enter the code in the Discount Code field, then click APPLY.
    5. Select each payment method you want to use. In most cases, the total payment is split between the selected payment methods equally, but you can adjust the amounts as required.
      • If you’ve chosen to apply a payment plan to the event, check that Apply payment plan is set to ON and that the correct payment plan is selected in the list.
  10. Click Complete. Depending on whether you made a booking or payment, you could see any of the following:
    • A receipt is displayed with the Purchase number, along with Email receipt or Print receipt buttons to either email or print a receipt. For more information, see Printing receipts and Emailing receipts.
    • A Book another service button to book another service.
    • A Go back to the online store button to direct you back to the store.
    • Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter buttons to accumulate points.
    • Print gift card [amount] and Print gift card buttons to print your gift card(s).


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