Client Web App: Making a purchase

Clients can access your store and make purchases using the Client Web App. Items clients can purchase include products, Purchase Options, events and gift cards.

When making a purchase, keep the following information in mind:

To make a purchase:

  1. In the top menu, click Store.
  2. Under CHOOSE LOCATION, select a location. This is only required if the business has made it necessary for clients to choose a location.
    • If you select a location, only Purchase Options available at that location will be displayed in the store unless the business has set up their store to display Purchase Options regardless of location.
  3. Find the item(s) you want to purchase.
    • To search the store by item name, begin typing in the Search Products search box.
    • To sort items in the store, click the Sort button and select one of the following options:
      • Date – The items will be sorted based on the date they were created. Items can be listed with the most recently created item listed first (Newest on top) or the oldest item listed first (Oldest on top).
      • Name – The items will be sorted in an alphanumeric order. Items can be sorted A-Z (Ascending) or Z-A (Descending).
      • Price – The items will be sorted based on their price. Items can be sorted with the lowest priced item listed first (Low to high) or the highest priced item listed first (High to low).
    • To organize the store by category, select any option under Online Store Category.
    • To view more available information about an item, such as a description or image, hover over the item, then click MORE DETAILS.
  4. Add the item(s) to your cart using one of the following options:
    • Click Add to cart.
      • If you select a gift card, enter the recipient’s information in the Send to: fields, enter your information in the From: field, and click Add to cart.
    • Hover over the item, then click MORE DETAILS. On the next screen, click Add to cart.
    • Hover over the item, then click MORE DETAILS. On the next screen, click Buy Now. The item will automatically be added to your cart. Proceed to step 7.
  5. Prepare your cart for checkout.
    • To change the quantity of an item in the shopping cart, enter a new value in the Qty field under the item.
    • To remove an item from the shopping cart, click the Options button  and select Remove from Cart.
    • To remove all items from the shopping cart, click CLEAR CART. In the Clear Shopping Cart popup, click Remove all items.
    • To apply a discount code to your shopping cart:
      1. Click Add discount code.
      2. Under ENTER DISCOUNT CODE:, enter your discount code.
      3. Click the Confirm button .
  6.   Click Proceed to Checkout.
    • If you are not already signed in, you must sign in before selecting a payment method.
    • If an item in your shopping cart requires you to sign a contract, the Sign Contract button will be displayed instead. Click Sign Contract, review and sign the contract, and then click I Agree to Use Electronic Signatures.
  7. Select each payment method you want to use (such as Credit Card, Account Balance).
    • If you select multiple payment methods, the total payment will be split equally between them, however, you can adjust the amounts as required.
    • If you are signed in as a guest, you must enter your email address and credit card information. When you complete your purchase, a guest profile will be created for you at this business.
      • Guests can only purchase products and/or gift cards.
      • When you complete a purchase as a guest, a guest profile will be created for you at this business and you will receive a Purchase Receipt notification.
      • Guests do not have to sign a business’s waiver when they complete a purchase.
      • If you are an existing client at this business and are trying to complete a purchase as a guest, you will be prompted to sign in to your account when you enter your email address.
    • If you want to use a gift card or voucher to pay for your purchase, enter the appropriate information in the ENTER GIFT CARD OR VOUCHER CODE field.
      • Only one gift card can be used at checkout. If you want to make a purchase from the store using multiple gift cards, you must first redeem each gift card to your account balance. You can then use your account balance as a payment method when completing the purchase.
  8. Click Complete. The purchase is complete.
    • A receipt can be printed or emailed to the client at this time. For more information, see Printing receipts and Emailing receipts.
    • Under Get Points By Sharing Your Purchase, click Facebook or Twitter to share your purchase on each respective social media platform. 
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