Client Web App: Switching Businesses

Your clients may also be clients at other businesses that use WellnessLiving. When they login to the Client Web App, they will only see services offered by one business. This depends on whose direct login URL they used to login.

Although they can use another business’ direct login URL to see their services, they can also switch between businesses right in the Client Web App interface. This article describes how your clients can switch between different businesses in the Client Web App.

Note: Your client must have a single client profile associated with all businesses they want to switch between. If they have different client profiles in each business, you can merge the profile in your business with the one in the other businesses. See Understanding clients who have profiles with more than one business for more information.

To switch businesses on the Client Web App:

  1. Click the client profile menu (your profile icon) and select Switch Businesses.
    • The button’s location will be dependent on the Client Web App layout. For more information, see Client Web App reference.
  2. In the Switch Businesses menu, select another business.
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