Client Web App: Viewing a schedule

Clients can use the Client Web App to view their upcoming schedule, attendance history, and the details for their booked services.

Clients can also check in to or cancel a service booking from their schedule. For more information, see Client Web App: Checking in to a service and Client Web App: Canceling a service.

To view a family member’s schedule, see Client Web App: Managing family members.

To view a schedule on the Client Web App:

  1. In the top menu, click My Schedule.
  2. On the upcoming schedule, browse or filter the list to find specific booked services.
    • Under Service, click the name of the service to view details of the service.
    • Under Asset, click the View asset layout button to view where an asset is situated in the asset layout. For more information, see Creating or modifying a Book-a-Spot asset layout.
    • Under Location, click the business name to view the WellnessLiving Explorer listing for the business location.
    • Under Staff Name, click the staff member’s name to view their schedule.
    • On the side menu, click Past Schedule to view the client’s attendance history.
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