Communication with clients

Whether you are sending emails, SMS messages, or push notifications to specific individuals or groups of filtered clients, WellnessLiving makes contacting your clients easy and effective.

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Using email, SMS, and push notifications

Email is the standard method for contacting clients. Clients can access their email from their computers at home or work as well as from their phones. Email is the most efficient, professional, and widely used method of communication in business. In WellnessLiving, you are allowed to send a maximum of 1000 emails per hour or 10000 emails per day to your clients, regardless of the number of locations in your business.

SMS text messages are quickly becoming one of the more powerful forms of business communication. Your business can easily start using SMS messaging to interact with your clients by sending notifications or reminders for their upcoming services. WellnessLiving’s Message Center allows your business to engage in full conversations with clients through text messaging. This is a great way to engage your clients and allow them to feel at ease knowing that your business is within reach.

NoteStandard SMS messages work as a one-way communication method, but your business can also register for 2-way SMS and conversational SMS. For more information, see Types of SMS messaging.

Push notifications are a great way to keep your clients updated with reminders for Appointments or confirmations for booked Classes. These notifications are “pushed” to your clients’ mobile devices even when the Achieve Client App is not open, appearing as alerts.

NoteClients can opt out of receiving email and SMS notifications from their profile in the Client Web App. To stop receiving push notifications, clients must manually change the settings in their device.

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