Setting up your general information

You must set up the general information for your business, such as your business name, business type, and address.

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    To set up your general information:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
    3. On the Setup menu, click Business.
    4. On the Business menu, click General Information.
    5. Make changes to the general information settings, as required. For details, see the following table.
    6. Click SAVE. Your general information is updated.

    General information settings

    Business IDClickable optionThe identification number of your business within WellnessLiving. This ID cannot be changed. To copy the ID to your clipboard for copying into an email, for example, click the puzzle piece icon. Because this ID is used when contacting our support team, it might be helpful to memorize it.
    Business NameTextboxThe name of your business. This name will be displayed across WellnessLiving.
    Business TypeDrop-down menuThe main type of your business. You can only choose one business type, so select the most appropriate option. The business type determines some features that are made available within WellnessLiving. For more information, see Changing the Business Type.
    Phone NumberTextboxThe main phone number for your business. Each location can have its own phone number.
    RegionDrop-down menuThe region or country in which your business is located. The region is used for your address and determines where your locations can be located. Because the region affects your business currency and the cities that are auto-populated by the system, be sure to choose the correct region.
    AddressTextboxThe street address of your main business. Each location can have its own street address.
    CityTextboxThe city in which your main business is located. Each location can have its own city.
    ZIP / Postal CodeTextboxThe ZIP code or postal code of your main business address. Each location can have its own ZIP or postal code.
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