Configuring the Motorola DS9208 barcode scanner

If you use a barcode scanner to check in clients or scan products, you must configure it to work as intended. WellnessLiving officially supports the Motorola DS9208 barcode scanner.

You must configure the scanner to automatically accept scanned ID tags without user intervention. If you do not configure the scanner properly, it will require the user to hit the enter key (return) on the self check-in keyboard in order to move past the login screen.

For more information on operating the scanner, see the user manual.

For a list of supported barcodes, see Supported barcodes.

To configure the Motorola DS9208 scanner:

  1. Unbox and connect the Motorola DS9208 scanner to your host device. Instructions for setting up the scanner can be found in Chapter 1 of the User Manual linked above.
  2. Print the following image. You can click on it to open it in its own window. Do not worry about any other content on the page, as long as it is clear and readable by the scanner. You can also attempt this without printing, by scanning your computer display.scanoptions
  3. Scan each barcode in order, from top to bottom. This programs the device to input the enter (carriage return) key into the field after inputting the scanned data.
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