Copying Constant Contact or MailChimp email templates into WellnessLiving

If you have created email templates in Constant Contact or MailChimp that you would like to use with your WellnessLiving automated marketing email campaigns, you can copy the code for these templates into WellnessLiving by following the directions below.

For more information, see Mailing list integrations.

To copy Constant Contact or MailChimp email templates into WellnessLiving:

  1. Copy the html source code of your email template from Constant Contact or Mailchimp. If you are having difficulty completing this step, visit the Constant Contact Knowledge Base or MailChimp Knowledge Base.
  2. Log in to WellnessLiving.
  3. Click the App Drawer button .
  4. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  5. In the list, click Marketing. You can filter the list by entering Marketing into the Search field.
  6. Find the email template you want to replace with a Constant Contact or MailChimp template. Click the Edit this template button .
  7. Under Email Content, click the Source Code button.

  8. Select and delete all the code in the Source Code box.
  9. Right-click in the Source Code box and paste the html source code from your Constant Contact or MailChimp template.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click SAVE.
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