Creating a QR code for a direct booking URL

QR codes can help you market your services and products to a wider audience. When people scan QR codes using their mobile devices, they’re instantly directed to a webpage embedded in the QR code.

Using WellnessLiving’s direct booking URLs and QR codes together can serve as a powerful marketing tool to help reach new clients.

NoteThe QR code generators provided in this article are merely suggestions. There may potentially be licensing fees for commercial use.

To create a QR code for a direct booking URL:

  1. Obtain and copy the direct booking URL you want to embed in a QR code. For more information, see Sharing a direct booking URL.
  2. Copy the direct booking URL from WellnessLiving and paste it in a QR code generator of your choice. Some popular QR code generators include:
  3. Copy the rendered QR code image from the generator and paste it in your desired location. Alternatively, if copying and pasting doesn’t work in your situation, you can download the rendered image and insert it in your desired location.
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