Creating or modifying a Custom Schedule Widget for online sessions

If you want to provide online sessions for your clients, you can create a Custom Schedule Widget and embed it on your business’s website.

Once you have added the widget to your website, your clients will be able to register for an online Class or Event by following the registration link provided under the service’s special instructions.

NoteTo allow clients to register for an online session through your Custom Schedule Widget, you must also provide a registration link for your online session in the special instructions for the Class or Event in WellnessLiving.

NoteIf you are using Zoom and you choose to promote your session through a Custom Schedule Widget, it is recommended that you create a password for the session so that only registered clients can join.

To create or modify a Custom Schedule Widget for online sessions:

  1. Complete steps 1-5 in Creating or modifying a Custom Schedule Widget skin.
  2. Under Widget Name, enter a name for your widget.
  3. Under Columns, select Start and end time, Book now button, Class name, Instructor, Instructions, and any other columns you want to add to your widget.
  4. Configure the remaining structure of the widget. For more information, see Items on the Custom Schedule Widget structure page.
  5. Click NEXT.
  6. On the Design tab, click Book Now.
  7. Under BOOK BUTTON TEXT, enter See Instructions.
  8. Under BOOK BUTTON WIDTH, enter 150.
  9. Click NEXT.
  11. Next to Widget Code, select all the code in the box, right-click the selected code, and click Copy.
  12. Paste the widget code in your website on the page on which you want the widget to appear.
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