Creating or modifying a QUICK Search

You can use QUICK Search to search the client list with a one-time search using specific criteria to quickly view a group of clients. For a list of criteria, see Power Search and QUICK Search criteria.

NotePOWER Search and QUICK Search cannot be used at the same time. The most recent search option will be applied to the list.
Note If you access the client list and have no default filters, no clients are displayed. You must create either a Power Search or a QUICK Search to populate the list.
Note The maximum results for a single client search is 5,000. If the results of your search exceed 5,000, you will receive an error message.

To create or modify a QUICK Search:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Clients.
  3. On the Client list, click Create QUICK Search.
  4. Under Specify Criteria, select the criteria you want to use to search through clients.
    1. Choose the criteria for the search from the first list.
    2. Choose the state of the criteria from the next box.
    3. If required, choose or enter the value or range of the criteria from the third list or box.
    4. Click the Add button to specify multiple criteria for the QUICK Search.
  5. When you have specified all the information you are looking for, click RUN. The clients corresponding with your QUICK Search criteria are displayed.
    • To modify your QUICK Search, under APPLIED FILTERS, remove any filters by clicking the Remove button . To clear all filters, click Clear All.
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