Customizing an individual Purchase Option

After a client buys a Purchase Option, such as a membership or session pass, you can customize the owned Purchase Option. Customizations that you make to an owned Purchase Option will apply only to that client’s Purchase Option. Other Purchase Options of the same type will not be affected.

We recommend using this functionality sparingly for two reasons:

  • Clients with customized Purchase Options may speak to others about their experience, leading other clients to ask for customizations to get a better deal.
  • After a Purchase Option has been customized, it will no longer be affected by modifications made to the original Purchase Option. Modifications, other than modifications to the name of the Purchase Option, will need to be applied to customized Purchase Options manually. For this reason, we recommend that you keep records of any customizations you make for individual clients. To learn more about the rules governing Purchase Option modifications, see Modifying a Purchase Option.

If customizations are made in error, or need to be removed, you can reset the client’s Purchase Option to remove all customizations.

NoteTo ensure that your accounting is always correct, the expiration rules for session passes become uneditable after a client has purchased the pass. If you want to change the expiration rules, you must create a new session pass.

NoteWellnessLiving restricts the ability to manually adjust a purchased membership’s remaining visits because this can cause issues to future reconciliations and affect your payroll or revenue reporting. If you need to provide extra visits for your clients, we recommend selling them free session passes. If the number of visits needs to be reduced, you can cancel the membership and resell it.

NoteMembership settings cannot be modified after the membership has expired.

Note If an individual membership is customized after it has been purchased, any discount codes that were applied to the membership will no longer be valid.

For example, a 15% discount is applied to a membership and a client purchases this membership. If a staff member later changes a setting (e.g., the attendance restrictions) in that client’s membership, the 15% discount will be removed.

For more information on membership discounts, see Applying a discount to a membership.

To customize an individual Purchase Option:

    1. On the Top Nav Bar, click the Search button , and enter the client’s information in the box. You can enter the client’s name, phone number, email address, UID, or client ID.
    2. In the list of clients displayed, click the client’s name.
    3. On the side menu, click Account.
    4. On the Account menu, click Passes & Memberships.
    5. In the list, find the Purchase Option you want to modify. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the Purchase Option.
    6. Under the Action column of the Purchase Option, click the Action button and click Edit Purchase Option.
    7. Make the desired changes to the Purchase Option. For more information, see the following articles:
    8. Click SAVE FOR [CLIENT NAME]. The client’s Purchase Option is modified.
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