Customizing business policies for individual services

The general business policies that you set up will apply across your business to appointment types, class types, events, Book-a-Spot assets; however, you can also set custom business policies for specific services. The custom business policies you set will override your general business policies.

NoteCustom business policies can only be set for assets that have the Asset can be booked separately from other services setting enabled.

To customize the business policies for an individual service or asset:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  3. In the list, click Setup. You can filter the list by entering Setup into the Search field.
  4. On the Setup menu, click Appointments, Classes, Events, or Book-a-Spot.
  5. Click the service or asset for which you want to customize the business policies. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the service or asset.
  6. Under Custom Business Policies, click Use [service/asset] specific business policies.
  7. Modify the business policies as required. For more information, see Business policy settings.
  8. Click SAVE. The service or asset will display the Custom booking policies icon to indicate that custom business policies are in use.
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