Customizing your automated notifications

You can customize your automated notifications to fit your business needs. For example, you can change when clients or staff members will receive your automated notifications, add important details to the notifications, and customize the notifications based on the character of your business.

For information about turning individual notifications on or off, see Enabling or disabling automated notifications.

If you subscribe to Message Center, you can configure your Message Center templates to include instructions on how to respond to your SMS messages by selecting Fill with default template when you customize the notification template. For more information about SMS plans and pricing, see Message Center: Subscription plans.

When customizing an automated notification, keep in mind the following information:

  • When you set the Email send rules for an automated notification, the rules are also applied to the SMS message and push notification for that automated notification. For example, if you set the email notification to be sent only to a specific client group, the SMS message and push notification are sent only to that specific client group as well.
  • If you change the time a service reminder notification, such as the Appointment Reminder, is sent, any previously scheduled services will retain their old reminder times. Be sure to configure your reminder notifications prior to scheduling any services if you want all your services to have the same reminder notification times.
  • If you want to embed a video in your email template, you must contact your email provider to see if they allow you to send embedded videos in emails.
  • You can send a test email when editing an email notification template by clicking the Send test email button and entering a receiving email address. When sending a test email, keep in mind the following information:
    • To send a test email, an email notification template must be activated.
    • If you send a test email to a client or staff member with a profile in WellnessLiving, the test email won’t be affected by the client notification settings or staff notification settings.
    • When you send a test email, the email variables included in an email notification template will populate with placeholder information. This placeholder information isn’t related to your business. For example, the [Fullname] variable populates as John Smith.

To customize your automated notifications:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  3. In the list, click Setup. You can filter the list by entering Setup into the Search field.
  4. On the Setup menu, click Notifications.
  5. On the Notifications menu, depending on the notification category you want to customize, click Client Notifications or Staff Notifications.
  6. In the list, click any one of the Edit buttons Pencil of the automated notification template you want to customize. You can expand the notification categories, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the template.
  7. On the selected template page, customize the notification template:
    • For email notifications:
      1. Click the Email tab.
      2. Continue from step 3 in Creating or modifying a custom email template.
    • For SMS notifications:
      1. Click the SMS tab.
      2. Under SMS content, enter the content of the notification. Alternatively, you can click Fill with default template located under the content box. Be aware of the SMS character limitations.
        • Click View SMS variables to display a list of variables that can be used in your template. To add a variable to your template, click the copy button next to a variable, then paste it in the content field. For more information, see SMS variables.
      3. Activate or deactivate the SMS notification.
        • To activate the SMS notification, set the ACTIVATE SMS option to ON.
        • To deactivate the SMS notification, set the ACTIVATE SMS option to OFF, then click OK in the confirmation window.
    • For push notifications:
      1. Click the Push Notification tab.
      2. Under Push notification content, enter the content of the notification. Alternatively, you can click Fill with default template located under the content box.
      3. To activate the push notification, set the ACTIVATE PUSH option to ON.
  8. Click SAVE. All future notifications of this type will use the updated template.
    • A confirmation popup is displayed prior to accepting any changes in situations where clients will be impacted by email send rule changes.
      • If no clients or staff members are impacted, no option is displayed at the bottom of the popup. Click OK.
      • If any clients or staff members are impacted, the Send email to affected clients option or the Send email to affected staff members option is displayed at the bottom of the popup. To send the email to affected clients or staff members immediately, set the option to ON, then click OK.
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