Deactivating or deleting a product

You can delete a product from WellnessLiving only if it has never been purchased by a client. Deleting a product will permanently remove all information about the product from WellnessLiving.

If you want to remove a product after it has been purchased so that it cannot be purchased again, you can deactivate it. Deactivating a product will preserve all its information in WellnessLiving, including sales information in your reports. After deactivation, if you want the product to be available to clients again, the product can be reactivated at any time.

To deactivate or delete a product:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
  3. On the Setup menu, click Store Configuration.
  4. On the Store Configuration menu, click Products.
  5. In the list, click the product you want to modify. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the product.
    • To deactivate the product:
      1. On the Edit [product] page, set the ACTIVE PRODUCT option to OFF.
      2. Click SAVE.
    • To delete the product:
      1. On the Edit [product] page, click DELETE PRODUCT.
      2. In the confirmation popup, click OK.
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