A deposit is a type of purchase rule that requires clients to pay part of the service’s total cost before they can book a specific Appointment Type or Event.

You can set this requirement under Purchase Rules by selecting Client must leave a deposit at the time of booking when creating or modifying an Appointment Type or creating or modifying an Event. Deposits can be either a flat amount that is less than the total price of the Appointment or Event or a percentage of the total price of the Appointment or Event. We recommend disclosing the deposit requirement in the description of your Appointment or Event along with your refund policy or a link to your refund policy.

When a deposit is required for an Appointment or Event, clients can choose to either pay the deposit or pay the total price when booking. If a client pays the total price, the deposit is not required. If a client pays the deposit amount, the Appointment or Event will appear as paid on the client’s attendance history. A Purchase Option indicating that a deposit has been paid will appear on the client’s Passes & Memberships page of their client profile. To reconcile payment for a deposit, see Reconciling payment for an Appointment or Event for which the deposit has been paid.

NoteBecause Appointments and Events appear as paid when only the deposit has been paid, we recommend keeping track of all clients who pay deposits. This will make it easier to reconcile the outstanding payment.
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