Difference Between Contact History and Email History

The Contact History and Email History are tools to help keep track of your correspondence with your clients.

The main difference between the two are as follows:

  • Contact History displays all interactions with clients, including email interactions
  • Email History displays all email interactions with clients.

For more information, see Contact History and Client Email and Email Campaign History.

 Contact HistoryEmail History
Logging ContactStaff member must manually log each contact occurrence. This excludes emails which are automatically logged by WellnessLivingEmails are automatically logged by WellnessLiving when an email is sent or received
Contact Methods SupportedEmail
In Person
Push Notification
Contact DetailsCan add contact type (for instance, topic of discussion) and description for each contact logDisplays title and body of email as sent or received
Follow-up TaskSupports adding follow-up tasks to each Contact LogDoes not support follow-up tasks
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