Achieve Client App: Understanding the differences between plans

The Achieve Client App is available in three different levels: Basic, Premium, and White Label. Each of the options included in these plans are listed in the table below. You can change your Achieve Client App plan at any time. For more about upgrading your plan, see Achieve Client App: Upgrading your plan.

To learn how to customize your Premium or White Label Achieve Client App, see Achieve Client App: Making customizations.

Features  Basic  Premium  White Label 
No competitor ads YES  YES  YES 
Clients can book Appointments and Classes  YES  YES  YES 
Event and workshop registration  NO  YES  YES 
Clients can book equipment with BOOK-A-SPOTTM asset layout    YES  YES  YES 
Clients can book a BOOK-A-SPOTTM asset individually from services   NO  YES  YES 
Clients can register new accounts  NO  NO  YES 
Rewards & loyalty program NO  YES  YES 
Client reviews  YES  YES  YES 
On-demand push notifications  NO  YES  YES 
Automatic push notifications  NO  NO  YES 
Digital signatures for contracts and waivers  YES  YES  YES 
Dedicated download on the Apple App Store and Google Play  NO  NO  YES 
Configure colors, fonts, and splash screen  NO  YES  YES 
Custom thumbnail icon  NO  NO  YES 
Configure the name of your app NO  NO  YES 
Exclusive branding  NO  NO  YES 
Your own Apple Developer’s Account  NO  NO  YES 
Track key metrics such as total downloads, impressions, and devices used by your clients  NO  NO  YES 
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