Sharing a direct booking URL

When you create a service in WellnessLiving, a direct booking URL for the service is generated automatically. This URL can be used as a link that brings clients directly to the Book Now tab of the Client Web App with the service automatically selected. For appointments, the link will direct clients to the booking page for the appointment. For classes and events, the link will direct clients to the next available session for the service.

You can share this link with clients through email and SMS to make booking services easier for your clients. Your clients will need to sign in to their account and book the service using the link.

  • A new client who signs up with your business before booking the service will receive a registration confirmation email.
  • A new client who books the service first and then completes the sign-up process will receive a welcome email.
  • If your business has the Require clients to add a credit card to their profile to book services option set to ON in the store settings, new clients will be required to save their credit card information to their profile before completing the booking.
  • If a client opens the direct booking URL for a service that has online booking disabled, the client won’t be able book that service.
  • If a service is available at multiple locations, the client will have to select a location before booking the service when they open the direct booking URL.
  • If a service is only available to specific client types or has an age restriction, a client who doesn’t meet these requirements will receive an error message when they open the direct booking URL.
  • Since the use of iframes to embed direct booking URLs is restricted, we recommend using a widget to provide clients with access to the services on your website.

CautionIf you modify the Book Now tab for a service, the direct booking URL for that service will change. Any client who uses the original direct booking URL will receive an error message.

Modifying a service’s settings other than the Book Now tab won’t affect the direct booking URL.

To share a direct booking URL:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
  3. In the list, click Setup. You can filter the list by entering Setup into the Search field.
  4. On the Setup menu, click Services.
  5. On the Services menu, click Appointments, Events, or Classes depending on the service for which you want to share the direct booking URL.
  6. Click the individual service whose URL you want to share. The direct booking URL for the service is listed under Direct booking URL.
  7. Next to the direct booking URL, click the Copy to clipboard button .
  8. Paste the direct booking URL wherever you would like the link to be displayed.
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