Door Access powered by Brivo

Brivo is a cloud-based access control solution that allows a business to grant or restrict physical access to their facilities. If your business uses or is planning on using Brivo, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless integration with WellnessLiving’s Staff Backend.

This integration service is only available to customers with an existing Brivo account. Once your business has created an account with Brivo and has installed Brivo’s hardware at your facilities, you can then enable WellnessLiving’s Brivo integration through the Staff Backend to connect your WellnessLiving account to your Brivo account.

After enabling WellnessLiving’s Brivo integration, you can configure client groups in WellnessLiving to be added as access groups in Brivo. After creating a client group with Door Access settings enabled, you can then add the required clients or staff members to the group. When Door Access settings are enabled for a client group, the client data contained within the group will be automatically shared with Brivo, and from there you can use Brivo’s software to set the door access permissions for each of your client groups.

  • Changes made to client data on Brivo’s software aren’t reflected in WellnessLiving. For example, if you delete a client or client group in Brivo, it won’t be deleted in WellnessLiving, which can lead to errors. When using Brivo integration, ensure that all changes you make to clients are done on WellnessLiving first.
  • It can take up to 24 hours to synchronize changes done on WellnessLiving with Brivo’s backend. This means that it may take clients up to 24 hours to have door access after being added to Brivo.

Brivo integration is a paid subscription service offered by WellnessLiving. The current fee structure can be found on our pricing page under Add-Ons. It’s important to note that this fee is separate from the fees that Brivo will charge for a subscription to their software and installation of their hardware.

While WellnessLiving offers a way to seamlessly integrate with Brivo, enabling this integration in your Staff Backend won’t open an account with Brivo for your business, and an existing Brivo account is required for the integration. Before enabling Brivo integration, you’ll first need to create an account with Brivo, purchase a Brivo subscription, and install Brivo’s hardware at your locations. Once your Brivo hardware is installed, Brivo or your Brivo installer will assist you with installing Brivo’s software suite and will provide you with the following five essential criteria:

  • API Key
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Username
  • Password

These criteria will be used to connect your WellnessLiving account to your Brivo account when enabling the Door Access integration in your Staff Backend.

With all of these prerequisites complete, you’ll be able to purchase and enable WellnessLiving’s Brivo integration from your Staff Backend. Keep in mind, however, that WellnessLiving’s Brivo integration is a part of your WellnessLiving subscription and entirely separate from your account with Brivo. All inquiries related to Brivo’s products and your Brivo account are handled through Brivo’s customer support, including billing, subscription, and cancellation inquiries. For more information on opening a Brivo account, pricing and subscription options, installation of hardware and software, troubleshooting, or any other Brivo-related questions, see the Brivo website or contact Brivo.

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