Duplicate Clients Report

The Duplicate Clients Report is a client report that allows you to easily find and merge duplicate client profiles. This includes merging a staff member’s associated client profile with a duplicate client profile. After merging, the staff member’s staff profile will be associated with the new merged client profile. The report will generate a list of profiles that might be duplicates based on the criteria you set with the advanced filters. By default, the filters are set to check whether you have clients whose first and last names match. If at least the first four characters of either field match, these profiles will be displayed in the report.

When merging two client profiles, you should always merge from the client’s profile that you want to keep because this is the profile that will be retained after merging. For example, if you merge profile A and profile B from profile A, profile A will receive all the information from profile B, and profile B will be deleted.  It can take up to 20 minutes for the user ID (UID) of the merged profile to be removed from the system, so they may still appear in client reports for a brief period.

To learn more about profile merge scenarios and what information can be merged, see Merging client information.

To learn how to merge two client profiles from the client’s profile, see Merging two client profiles.

NoteIf you merge a deactivated client profile into an active one, the new profile will also be deactivated after the merge. To learn how to reactivate a deactivated client, see Reactivating a client.

In this article:

    To view and filter the Duplicate Clients Report:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click View All.
    3. In the list, click Reports. You can filter the list by entering Reports into the Search field.
    4. On the Reports menu, click Clients.
    5. On the side menu or in the list, click Duplicate Clients.
    6. To filter the report, click the Advanced Filter button .
    7. Select the checkbox for each field you want to use to filter the report. Your options are First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone.
    8. For each field you selected, from the associated list, select whether the field should start with, end with, or contain identical characters. Use the up and down arrows for the number field to select how many characters must be identical for profiles to be considered duplicates.
    9. Click APPLY FILTER. The Duplicate Clients Report is displayed with your filters applied.

    To merge client profiles using the Duplicate Clients Report:

    1. Select the checkbox next to each profile you want to merge.
    2. In the ACTION column, click Merge Clients.
    3. Select which information to retain from each profile by selecting the appropriate option buttons. If you change your mind and decide you do not want to merge one of the selected profiles, clear the INCLUDE IN MERGE checkbox for the profile.
    4. Click MERGE.
    5. Review the information that will be retained in the merged profile and click CONFIRM when you are satisfied.

    Headings in the Duplicate Clients Report

    CLIENT NAMEThe client’s name.
    EMAILThe client’s email address.
    PHONEThe client’s phone number.
    ADDRESSThe client’s address.
    ACTIONWhen potential duplicate profiles are grouped together, this column will contain a Merge Clients button.

    Summary cards in the Duplicate Clients Report

    Summary cardDescription
    Total Clients FoundThe total number of clients found based on your search criteria.
    Potential DuplicatesThe total number of potential duplicates found based on your search criteria.
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