The edit log

The edit log displays the activities of all your staff members during the selected time period. A list of activities is displayed under the Activity column, and you can click on individual entries to view more information. Staff activity is only recorded in the edit log for one year and any activity that occurred more than one year ago cannot be viewed in the edit log.

Staff member activities include:

  • Creating, scheduling, or booking services;
  • Adding or modifying clients;
  • Adding or modifying products and Purchase Options; and
  • Modifying business settings.

A complete list of trackable activities is displayed below in the trackable activities section.

NoteBy default, information related to client bookings is hidden in the edit log. To view this information, remove the Activity filter at the top left of the log.

NoteWe recommend adding custom search criteria to the Search box before adjusting the selected date range. If you expand the date range before searching for custom criteria, the edit log will generate a list of all the changes made to your business within that date range, which may cause long loading times and make it difficult to find the information you want. For example, try searching a client’s name first and then adjusting the selected date range for the period you want.

NoteIf the WellnessLiving team must perform manual corrections within your business, these corrections will be tracked in the edit log. Under the Staff Role column, the user will be listed as an Admin.

Note Excel files exported from WellnessLiving can only be opened in Excel 2016 (or later) or Google Sheets.

In this article:

    To view the staff edit log:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Edit Log.
    3. Adjust the edit log to display the activities you want to view. For more information, see Viewing a report.
      • To search the edit log, add custom criteria to the Search box.
      • To filter the edit log, click the Advanced Filter button and apply any necessary advanced filters, then click APPLY FILTER to update the log.
      • To contact a group of your staff members regarding their recent activity, complete steps 5 to 9 in To contact a group of clients from a report.
      • To export your edit log, click Export, then click CSV, Excel, or PDF for your preferred file format.
        • If Export is not displayed in the edit log header, click the More button The more button displayed at the top of reports. The button is a square with three vertical blue dots and a blue border. and then click Export.

    Edit log headings

    DateThe date and time when the activity being reported occurred.
    UserThe user who performed the action.
    Staff RoleThe staff role of the user who performed the action.
    SourceThe platform from which the actions were performed (e.g., Client Web App, Attendance Web App).
    ActivityA description of the action.
    IP AddressThe IP address of the user who performed the action.

    Trackable activities

    The following table describes all the activities that can be tracked and filtered for when using the edit log.

    ACH/EFTAdding and removing ACH/EFT information from a client’s profile.
    Achieve SettingModifying the appearance of your Achieve Client App.
    Appointment CategoriesCreating, modifying, and deleting Appointment categories.
    Appointment ConflictsDisplaying Appointments that are conflicting as a result of availabilities based on location times, Appointment times, and instructor availability.
    AppointmentsCreating, modifying, or deactivating Appointments.
    Attendance Web AppModifying the look and feel of the Attendance Web App.
    BeltsCreating, modifying, deactivating, and deleting belts.
    Book Now TabsCreating, modifying, and deleting book now tabs displayed on the Client Web App.
    Bookable AssetsCreating modifying, deactivating, and deleting assets. This does not include modifications made to the working hours of assets, which can be filtered for using the Bookable Assets Working Hours filter.
    Bookable Assets CategoriesCreating, modifying, and deleting asset categories.
    Bookable Assets Working HoursModifying the working hours of an asset.
    Bookings and VisitsBooking a service or asset, modifying a booking, and canceling a booking. If a service is re-booked for a client after it has been previously canceled, the booking appears as a new entry in the edit log.
    Business FeaturesDocuments feature changes made by a WellnessLiving administrator.
    Business General InformationModifying your business’s general information.
    Business Mail SettingsModifying your business email settings.
    Business PolicyModifying your business policies.
    Business ServicesModifying your available services.
    Class/Event Schedule ModificationsModifying scheduled Classes and Events. Possible modifications include staff member substitutions, cancellations, and rescheduling a Class or Event.
    Classes/EventsCreating, modifying, deactivating, and deleting Class Types or Events.
    Client FieldsCreating, modifying, and deleting custom client profile fields, and modifying default client profile fields.
    Client GroupsCreating, modifying, and deleting client groups, as well as adding and removing clients from client groups.
    Client Self Check-in DesignModifying the look and feel of your Client Self Check-in Web App.
    Client TypesCreating, modifying, and deleting client types, as well as adding and removing clients from client types.
    Credit CardsAdding and removing credit card information from a client’s profile.
    DashboardsCreating, modifying, and deleting dashboards.
    Discount CodesCreating, modifying, deactivating, and deleting discount codes available for use in your store.
    Family MembersWhen relationships are added or removed.
    Franchise RegionCreating, modifying, and deleting franchise regions.
    Gift CardsCreating, modifying, and deactivating gift cards.
    Give PointManually awarding reward points to clients.
    InventoryModifying the inventory of a product. This includes selling the product.
    LocationsCreating, modifying, and deactivating business locations.
    Mail PatternsModifying the email send rules of any staff or client automated notification.
    Mailchimp/Constant Contact SynchronizationModifying your Mailchimp and Constant Contact synchronizations.
    Mailchimp/Constant Contact IntegrationsModifying your Mailchimp and Constant Contact integrations.
    MemberCreating, modifying, and deleting staff members.
    Membership PaymentsModifying the payment schedule of a client’s membership.
    Membership TransferCreating, modifying, canceling, approving, and denying a transfer request.
    Message CenterEnabling, disabling, or updating the SMS number for the Message Center.
    For more information, see Enabling Message Center.
    Online Store CategoriesCreating, modifying, and deleting categories available in your store.
    Online Waiver SettingsModifying your online waiver and online waiver settings.
    Passes & MembershipsPutting a client’s membership on hold, modifying or deleting an existing hold on a client’s membership, and modifying the auto-renewal settings of a client’s session pass or membership.
    Pays For/Paid ByWhen relationships are added for when one client profile is responsible for paying for another client.
    PostcardsCreating and modifying your postcard templates or direct mail campaigns.
    Power SearchCreating, modifying, and deleting power searches.
    Pricing OptionsCreating, modifying, deactivating, and deleting of purchase options available for purchase in your store, as well as modifying a client’s purchase option or the payment method for a client’s purchase option.
    PrizesWhen a prize is redeemed for a client.
    ProductsCreating, modifying, deactivating, and deleting products available in your store.
    Profile ClientAdding a client, modifying a client’s profile, and deactivating a client.
    Profile MergesMerging client profiles.
    Profile StaffAdding a staff member, modifying a staff member’s profile, and deactivating a staff member.
    PromoteModifying your Promote settings.
    Purchase Option SharingWhen a Purchase Option has been shared with another client through relationships.
    Purchase Option TransfersWhen a Purchase Option has been transferred from one client to another.
    Recurring Appointment CancelWhen a recurring Appointment is canceled.
    RefundsRefunding transactions and purchases.
    Report customizationCustomizing reports.
    RewardsModifying your rewards program.
    Schedule DesignModifying the look and feel of your schedule.
    Staff Back OfficeModifying the look and feel of the browser version of WellnessLiving.
    Staff RolesCreating, modifying, and deactivating a staff role.
    Staff Time ClockWhen staff members clock in and clock out.
    Staff Custom FieldsCreating, modifying, or removing custom profile fields available in staff member profiles.
    Staff Pay RatesCreating, modifying, and deleting staff pay rates.
    Staff Working HoursModifying the working hours of any staff member.
    Store SettingsModifying your store settings.
    SuppliersAdding, modifying, deactivating, and deleting your suppliers.
    TasksCreating, modifying, deleting, and updating the status of tasks.
    Transformation ClientModifying a client’s transformation log.
    Transformation ConfigModifying your transformation log settings. This does not include modifications made to the client fields available in the transformation log, which can be filtered for using the Transformation Field filter.
    Transformation FieldCreating, modifying, and deleting custom client fields, and modifying default client fields in the transformation log.
    Types of BeltsCreating, modifying, and deleting belt categories.
    Used PrizesWhen a redeemed prize is marked as used by a staff member.
    Video CategoriesWhen video categories are added and removed.
    VideosWhen videos are uploaded.
    Virtual ServicesThe date and time a virtual Zoom session started or ended.

    You can click this activity to reveal how many Zoom licenses are in use after a virtual session begins or ends. For more information on using multiple Zoom licenses, see Hosting multiple Zoom virtual services.

    Visit NotesWhen a SOAP/QUICK Note is created, edited, or removed for a client.
    Wl\Video\Setting\SettingLogModifying your FitVID on Demand settings.
    Widget CustomizationCreating, modifying, and deleting widget skins.
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