Elevate Staff App: Adding or updating a client’s profile image

Staff members can use the Elevate Staff App to add or update a client’s profile image.

For information about modifying client profiles using the Elevate Staff App, see Elevate Staff App: Managing client profiles.

To add or update a client’s profile image:

  1. Tap the Clients tab.
  2. In the Search box, type the client’s information. You can type the client’s name, phone number, email address, or client ID. From the search results, tap the client’s profile.
  3. Tap the profile image circle at the top of the client’s profile. If the client does not have a profile image, this circle displays their initials. If the client has a profile image, their current image is displayed.
  4. Tap Select a photo and select a photo from your files.
  5. Tap and drag the highlighted box on the image to choose which part of the image to crop. You can also tap and drag the corners of the box to crop a larger area of the image, and use the Clockwise  and Counterclockwise  buttons to rotate the image.
  6. When you are satisfied with the image, tap the Complete  button. The new profile image is saved to the client’s profile.
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